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These small scale paintings by Fiona Wilson have been selected for the NOHAT Woman Shall Inherit The Earth – Female visions of Apocalypse, Utopia & Dystopia exhibition at The Panacea Museum, Bedford from 12 July – 26 August 2018, with a Private View on 12 July from 6 – 9pm.

Part of the ongoing exploration of personal identity, the paintings are inspired by a decommissioned railway carriage – its conversion from transport to home to workshop, its journey and its final resting place.

Its cyclical change of use is a tangible representation of political and social change, the evolution of post war Britain, the end of steam and introduction of diesel power, and more personally the impact of war, regression, progression and reinvention.

Inspired by the carriage’s aesthetic, and driven by the feelings evoked by memories and visual snapshots, the fluidity and application of the paint symbolises the passage of time and transformation.

'Sleeper' will be on show alongside work by 30 female artists. Ranging from the deeply personal to the universal, topics as diverse as environmental destruction, ageing, consumerism, war, genetics, religion and spirituality are explored in this group exhibition featuring artists from Bedford, London, Ukraine, New York and Syria.

NOHAT is tackling the under-representation of female artists with a vision of an art world free from sexism and racism.